• With an eyelash extension aftercare in silk or mink effect, you can choose how long, thick and dense eyelashes you want. The result looks natural and highlights your eyes. Want to pay attention to the fact that mink lashes are not from an animal. This is the name of more glossy black lashes.


    Long and beautiful eyelashes
    Having beautiful eyes has always been the high desire of women. We have always struggled to accentuate our eyes. But now there is a new, exclusive eyelash extension in Stockholm that gives you beautiful eyelashes every day, all day.

    We at the Victoria Grepo Academy Stockholm use the patented Perfect Silk Lashes TM which is applied separately to each fringe. The fringes are made of natural silk or "mink" which is more glossy and looks like your own. Each eye gets 60-150 new fringes and if you want you can color them according to your own taste and taste. Treatment takes 1-1.5 hours and re-visits every 3-5 weeks are recommended. The result is beautiful eyelashes that highlight your eyes.

    A natural method with natural results
    With the patented Perfect Silk Lashes TM, each fringe is applied to itself on each your own fringe. The Frenches cannot be distinguished from your own. You can choose how long, thick and dense your eyelashes should be. Each eye receives about 60-90 new fringes. If you want, you can also color them according to your own wishes. The result is naturally beautiful eyes when you get up out of bed in the morning. Book a treatment with us for naturally beautiful eyes! For very good results it is recommended to dye fringes before fringe extension. With this method, anyone who wishes to have eyelash extension can survive.


    The volume method is also single method and is as gentle as ordinary single lashes if not gentler when using much thinner fringes. You use thin fringes and then you can put up to 6 separated fringes on a natural fringe to get the same weight as a 0.15 - 25 thickness fringe!

    Volume method is the latest technology in fringe extension! Now you can offer your customers 200-700 lashes per eye! The method is also called 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D

    The Victoria Grepo Academy Stockholm is one of the first who developed the Volume method.


    To make refilling there would be at least 15 fringes per each eye, otherwise it will be new. Return visits are recommended every 3-5 weeks.


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